The GreenTech verte initative

The GreenTech verte initiative was launched in 2016 by the French Ministry for an Ecological and Solidary Transition. It aims to support innovators who desire to forward positive changes in social as well as environmental spheres, and are dedicated to implementing the Ministry’s policies.

Since the initiative’s launch, several calls for projects have been completed and three incubators have opened throughout France in Ile-de-France, Orléans and Toulouse. This initiative firmly believes that an ecological transition must take place in the form of a multifaceted approach, incorporating the efforts from various fields, working collectively to bring about the change the World needs. Its ecosystem brings together over 90 early stage start-ups, competitive clusters and partners, scientific and technical networks, as well as various departments of the Ministry, all working towards a common goal.

In order to facilitate the growth of the aforementioned start-ups, the initiative provides a diversified service offer comprising accommodation, event spaces, coaching, collective training, access to online courses, a large network of private and public partners, and online visibility support.

Within two years of its inception, GreenTech verte start-ups have raised over €40 million.

For the first time since its founding, GreenTech verte is inviting start-ups working in the green financial sphere to apply to its call for interest, which is currently in its final bid phase. If you are interested in being labeled by the GreenTech verte initiative, you will find all the required information to complete your application file (in French) on the link below.

GreenTech verte – Brochure

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